I Was So Looking Forward to Rain

Damn, Damn, Damn.  I know this'll sound funny to many, but I was so disappointed to wake up to sunshine again this morning. For crying out loud will someone have a talk with Mother Nature and tell her it's December for godsake.  It's OK that the sun does not shine 500 days a year.  In fact, I think the only time it doesn't shine here in Los Angeles is when there's been a smog buildup. (it's a fallacy that we really have actual blue skies)

I even stayed up late last night anticipating the sound of raindrops on the window to lull me into slumber.  By 2am I gave up.  "It'll start the minute I shut my eyes, I"ll bet,"  that's what I thought anyway as I dropped off. 

We'll it didn't.  So now I'll have to operate on half sleep today.

I wanna be a weather man here.  Every forecast is 'sunny'  unless there's a chance of rain, which means nothing really, does it?  I mean we all have a chance of being hit by a bus.   No one blames the weatherman if he's wrong.  We all never believed him in the first place.

Better yet, when some rain actually does fall from the sky they call it STORM WATCH.  I wonder if any of them here have ever really actually witnessed a storm.  Maybe, maybe not. We have a weather man called Dallas Raines though, I'll bet he's seen a storm.  Hmmm. there's something to think about today.

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  1. Dallas Raines' hair ALWAYS looks like it's been in a storm :-)

    Hope the skies cloud up for you soon.