New Year Resolution - Wha?

I'm not going to make a New Year resolution this year. Nope. Not me.  Why?  Because within the first 48 hours I will have to crown myself a loser and that doesn't seem like a good way to start the next 12 months.

I mean, inevitably I would resolve to do something like lose weight, take better care of myself, cut back at least one martini a day, write letters rather than email, take more pictures of my kid as he's growing up, quit giving in to take-out, exercise more - ok - exercise,  learn more about gardening, finish all the projects I've started this year (that was last year's resolution...start a project. So I have lots of little projects sitting around unfinished - like the plant in the corner still waiting for a pot..... I guess I honored my resolution to 'do' something...just didn't resolve to finish was I started so there you go..finish what I start.  hmmmm.  Guess that means I have to finish this blog today.

Be nicer, more thoughtful, work longer, harder, pay more attention, laugh more, take a class, read a book, make less mistakes, laugh more, tend the garden, join a club, introduce myself to the neighbor - well, it's been six years you think I would have had some time to do that already - shop less, spend less, get green, stay green, travel, clean out the closets, enjoy staying home, take singing lessons, play an instrument, make pancakes for my son at least one Sunday a month,  actually visit  my friends who live in the same town instead of catching up via Facebook, create less garbage, compost, invest my money, hire a housekeeper, buy a house, take a class on investing, stop subscribing to magazines cuz they're cheap, eat less chocolate, chicken, beef, eat more vegetables from the garden perhaps?  Keep the blog updated, take down the tree before April.   Whew!  I'm already exhausted.


I could so go on.  But what's the point.  I've lost before I've started.   Or have I?

Maybe I should choose something as a resolution that I already do. Try tricking the universe and my soul into believing that all is not lost on me. I can be redeemed at least for the next 12 months.


Drink more, work less, spend more time on Facebook, Twitter, email, Linked In, pay less attention, make more mistakes - someone will catch them anyway before they get to the client, indulge in more take out...less dishwashing, take my son out to IHOP, accept that I am a renaissance women, enjoy the half finished, sweater, scarf, quilt, napkins, silver chain, wax mold, pair of earrings, drip irrigation system, greenhouse, potting shed, garden, painted room,  forget getting to know  the neighbor - unless they have a Facebook account I won't visit a second time, the investment class, or travel.   In fact, I'll be saving money by not doing any of those things and that can be counted as an investment!  Live life through the cheap magazines - home improvement, landscaping, fashion, etc.   Keep my current exercise regime - let's face it, from the couch to the refrigerator 10 times an evening is better than nothing.  Stuff one more sale item into the already over-burdened closet. I'm sure when I need it I'll be able to remember where I put it before I go out and buy another!  

Hey!  I'm feeling better already!

So here's my New Year resolution -- I'm going to accept that I am human and no matter how resolute I am I will can count on one thing and one thing only...and that is that I will not keep my resolution.

Woo hoo!  Happy New Year to me!!!!!!!

What is your New Year Resolution?


  1. Find a source of income, Get in shape (for real this time), get organized (for real this time),
    Love myself and be as forgiving as I can be. I'm not going to try to make sense of LIFE in general anymore. I don't think I'll ever figure it out!
    Hope 2010 is a great year for all of us. It's even more fun to type!

  2. Hey Green-Eyed Monster - All sounds good to me! Wouldn't it be nice if we could make livings blogging! You're right...live life and quit thinking so much about it!

  3. It would be nice if we could make livings blogging. I've been solicited and I'm thinking about putting ads on it but that just takes the fun out of it, you know? Then I'd feel like I couldn't really speak my mind or risk losing them. I added you to my list of Thought Provokers because your post really got me thinking. I'm still working on a post about my resolutions.
    Thanks and hugs!!

  4. I hear ya! Resolutions have been a set-up for failure in the past for me too. Maybe this year I'll get it right-- or not ;-)

    Great post. It got me started to work on my resolutions.

    Happy 2010


  5. Glad I can spark thought in others! I do think that counts for something! Not to mention it brings a much needed smile to my face today! hugs to all!

  6. I feel like we were separated at birth or something. You almost described me to a "T" there - that was kind scary, actually.

    Thanks so much for playing with us! It's fun going around and reading everyone's resolutions (or, UNresolutions - hee hee).

    I like your banner picture too, by the way.

    - Margaret

  7. Stopping by from Nanny Goats in Panties. I love your honesty! This year I made goals-just something to shoot for, if I miss at least I tried. I'll be back later for tea and some reading!

  8. I don't wait until New Years to make changes if they have to be made.

    That said, don't you think more of us should resolve to accept ourselves as is??? Maybe???

  9. I can eat more and drink more. I wouldn't fail on those resolutions. Happy New Year!

  10. Found you on NGIP. My kids would love me forever if I resolved to take them to IHOP. I will put that on the list!

  11. Welcome Tracy!

    Happy New Year to everyone! I Hope if you do make a resolution that you're able to keep it! Hey, I Hope...is like IHOP with an E. .. Hmmmm