Oh For Crying Out Loud! Where Is Your Brain, Jane?

So smarty pants that I am drove over to the closest big box store to buy some white ribbon today.  Well, let me just cut to the chase and admit - quite sheepishly - that I did not actually return with any white ribbon. In fact, I returned with no ribbon. But I do have some gloves for my son.

But then, that's not the reason I post tonight. Oh no.

Once back from my debacle of a shopping expedition I spied a parking spot right next to the elevator in our office parking structure.  It's rarely every empty so I grabbed it thinking I'd make a swift departure at the end of the day.

Come quitin' time, I gather my belongings and headed to the parking lot. 3rd Floor.  However I walked right past my car and to the area where I always park.  No car.  'Oh, yeah, right,"  I thought to myself.  "I'm on the 4th floor."  So up to the 4th floor I walk and search for my car. Not there.

Back to three. It's not there.  Down to two. Not there.  I knew it wasn't on one.  So back up to three.  Now...I'm taking the stairs up and down to each floor and walking  RIGHT PAST MY CAR.

It was now 15 minutes and counting.

Finally I decided to take the elevator from the 3rd floor back to the bottom and start over.  While waiting for the elevator I spied my car.

Rolling eyes.  Shaking head.  So much for the quick getaway!

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  1. Ha! Been there done that! Glad you finally found it.