Picnic on a Moonbeam

Ok, sometimes the world is full of syncronicity. I wrote this little poem way back in the 80s -- no real reason why - it just flowed out of me one afternoon. Years later I employed an amazing artist I'd met to illustrate the poem for a children's book. She got four pages in and flaked off to some island off the coast of Washington never to be heard from again. Although grapevine rumour confirms that she's become a very successful and well paid artist. I only wish I could say "I saw her first"....but well, life isn't like that we can't put 'dibs' on people talent.
The second incarnation was as my wedding invitation. And well, let's keep it short by saying that those were awfully over the top. I took the idea of layering to the extreme and then put it all in a gold box. LOL Aw, we're funny when we're young.

And now, my dearest, most wonderful friend in the whole world - who I miss terribly btw, just in case he's actually reading this - reminded me of it on Facebook this past week. I thought I'd enter it here so that not only he could enjoy it again but anyone else who perchance might trip over this blog will find the magic in it that we always have.

Picnic on a Moonbeam

No need to fret
The table's all set
and nothing else is needed
but a goodnight kiss
in the evening mist, and you
we can be seated.

We'll picnic on a moonbeam
swing high among the stars
grab the golden ring from Saturn
jumprope off to Mars

The band will play
while we swing and sway
along the Milkey way

Let faeries whirl and
angels twirl us
toward a brand new day.



  1. I love you Seppy! thanks for posting the "picnic" ... It made me cry. Can't believe how much time has passed since I first heard that poem.
    I didn't know you had a blog either.. But will now check on it regularly.
    Correct me if I'm wrong... But did the poem have a final verse that went "something" like this?
    So if some night
    your dreams take flight
    there's nothing you need fear
    there's a picnic on a moonbeam
    and I'll be waiting for you here...

    Am I crazy? Let me know.... OMG this has been a day of reminiscing and reflection.... Thanks for that!
    Love you so much,

  2. You may be right! It sounds so familiar! wow...you're good. sigh.